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Can a Board Member Ever Hold a Staff Position in The Same Nonprofit Organization?

Can a board member ever hold a staff position in the same nonprofit organization?


By Eugene Fram

Sometimes a board member acts not as a director but as a different kind of volunteer.  For example, Director Z has a particular accounting skill and wants to utilize it to help the nonprofit.  The CEO agrees. 

In this instance the board member is not a board member, but a volunteer working under the direction of the CEO.  (more…)

How Is Trust Developed Between The Nonprofit Board Chair And The Chief Executive?

How is trust developed between the nonprofit board chair and the chief executive?

By Eugene Fram

First, in order to maintain trust between the board chair and CEO, the chair must be certain that the evaluation of the organization and the performance evaluation of the CEO are inclusive, i.e., cover a balance of the most relevant outcomes.  Otherwise, the evaluation outcomes have the potential to damage the trust relationship that’s necessary to drive organizational growth.  (more…)


How does a president/CEO turn down advice about operations or internal structure from the board.

by Eugene Fram

With difficulty.  It all depends on the type of culture that has been established by the board.  Ideally, the president/CEO should be comfortable saying, (more…)