Your Dysfunctional Nonprofit Board – What to Do

Is your nonprofit board operating on two cylinders instead of six cylinders
needed for our current turbulent economic times? The updated and expanded third edition of Policy vs Paper Clips ( on nonprofit governance is one vehicle to help a board to remedy this operating gap.
Thousands of nonprofit executives and board members, by reading the first two editions, have:
• Developed Organization Professionalism, Flexibility & Efficiency
• Developed a Simplified Organization Structure – Just 3 Standing Board Committees
• Focused an Organization on Strategic Issues Over Operational Minutiae
• Eliminated Board Micromanagement – Clarified Management’s Responsibility
• Kept Directors Involved While Strategically Planning
• Developed Trusting Relationships Between Board, Staff & Management
• Made Important Changes in Audit Committees, Fraud Prevention, CEO Evaluation, ad hoc committees and other critical board activities.
As an experienced nonprofit director & emeritus business professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, the book’s author, Dr. Eugene Fram, brings a volunteer director’s perspective to the book. He focuses on defining a chief executive’s operational responsibility, on the importance of a board focusing on policy, on the dangers of micromanagement and on many other issues that help an organization to offer better client or member services.
Peter Goldberg, president & CEO, Alliance for Children and Families (Milwaukee) has concluded, “This book…is useful for anyone interested in promoting effectiveness, efficiency and strategic planning as integral
components in the management of a nonprofit organization.”
Dan Strick, president & CEO, Southstar Services (Chicago) describes how the book has influenced his board, “The consensus from our board is that we now have much more beneficial discussion at board meetings and board members feel they have more say in the strategy and direction of the organization.”
The book is written in a highly user-friendly style. The updated & expanded Policy-vs-Paper-Clips (270 pp.) can be purchased from Amazon Books ( and from many local and chain book stores. Volume discounts are available from the Create Space Book Store at

For More Information Contact: – 650-209-5724

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