Nonprofit chief executives should have a title, President/CEO

Nonprofit chief executives should have a title, PRESIDENT/CEO

By Eugene Fram

When nonprofit organizations reach a budget level of over $1 million and have about 10 staff members it is time to offer the chief operating officer the title of PRESIDENT/CEO.  In addition, the title of the senior board volunteer should become CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD, and the title of EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR needs to be eliminated.   Experience has shown that with a reasonably talented PRESIDENT/CEO at the helm, he/she can provide the following benefits:

  • Build a trust culture between board, management and staff.
  • Solve many operational problems that have previously been referred to the board.
  • Operate with fewer standing board committees.
  • Form a well-structured fund-raising partnership with board members.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial theme internally
  • Improve operational communications.
  • Assist the board chair in conducting meetings in a more effective manner.
  • Make certain board members have meaningful involvement in the affairs of the organization.
  • Develop more cost effective programs and processes.  
  • Allow the board to focus on its major responsibilities, development of policies and strategies.

Source: Policy vs. Paper Clips – Third Edition (2011) Amazon. Com.

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