What can a nonprofit board of directors do about “displaced directors”?

What can a nonprofit board of directors do about “displaced directors”?

Displaced directors are board members who can’t adapt to a more modern board model or a new CEO and management group.  Traditionally, they want to be involved in operations, a few, at the extreme, want to micromanage the CEO.

Obviously, some of these people will resign,   but what can a CEO or board chair do about several who don’t?

One way is to involve them in ways that are perceived as being “hand on.” For example, every CEO needs help in telling the organization’s story.  If the board member is comfortable doing it, he or she can speak before groups.  Another way for him or her to participate is to be one of the subgroup of directors responsible for the annual assessment of the nonprofit’s financial situation.

A third way to is to place the displaced director on a subcommittee investigating options.  The director then will be working closely with staff and dealing with an issue that directly impacts the organization and/or its clients. 

On a more routine nature, the person can assist with grant writing, with media relations or planning the annual dinner. 

Source: The third edition  (2011) of Policy vs. Paper Clips, p.182.   Amazon.com





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