Bibliography: Articles Related to For-Profit & Nonprofit Governance

Bibliography: Articles Related to For-Profit & Nonprofit Governance – September, 2013


Eugene Fram, Professor Emeritus
Saunders College of Business
Rochester Institute of Technology

Remembering it is the beginning of the school year, I have developed the following bibliography for those needing references on corporate governance. It is a list of articles I have published over the last several decades. You can easily access most by listing article title via a Google search. If you have problems accessing any, please send me an e-mail. Several additional articles are scheduled for publication, and I will add to this bibliography as they are published.

*Indicates Coauthored Publications

“Can Lead Directors Help Improve Not For-Profit Board Performance? The International Journal of Not-For-Profit Law, Vol. 14 Numbers 1-2, April 2012, pp.57-63.

“The Special Relationship: Nurturing the CEO-Board Chair Bond,” Nonprofit World, November/December, 2011.

“Designating a ‘Lead Trustee’ Can Help Boards Improve Their Operations, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, June 2, 2011, p. 34.

“Want to Avoid Fraud? Look to Your Board, Nonprofit World, September/October, 2010, pp. 18-19. *

“What’s in a Name? Benefits of the President/CEO Title,” Nonprofit Director, Alliance for Children & Families Website, May 24, 2010.

“Using Imperfect Metrics Well: Tracking Progress & Driving Change,” Leader-to-Leader Journal, January 2010, pp. 52-58. *

“The Next Generation,” Directorship Magazine, September 2007, pp.66-68. *

“Who’s On Board,” The Wall Street Journal & MIT’s Sloan Management Review, April 28, 2007, p. R6 in the WSJ*.

“Are American Corporate Directors Still Ignoring the Signals?” Corporate Governance, January 2005. , Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 31-38. * (Awarded “best paper” status for 2005 issue of Corporate Governance.)

“Are Professional Board Directors the Answer?” MIT’s Sloan Management Review, winter, 2005, pp.75-77.

“It’s Not Over For Business & Nonprofit Board Directors – Governance Reform Has Only Just Begun.” The Seventh Biennial J. Warren McClure Lecture, Rochester Institute of Technology, October 16, 2003. Published as: “Governance Reform – Its Only Just Begun,” Business Horizons, November-December, 2004, pp. 10-14.

“Closing Governance & Financial Gaps.” Executive Excellence, March 2003, pp. 19-20. *

“Fundraising Parallel Foundations: What Are They & How Are Nonprofits Using Them?” Nonprofit World, September-October, 2002, pp. 10-14.

“Expectations For Nonprofit Boards Are Changing,” Nonprofit World, May-June, 2001, pp. 14-17. *

“Conflict of Interest in the Board Room?” Nonprofit World, March April, 1999, pp.19 21. *

“Managing Your Misguided Optimists.” Nonprofit World, March/April, 1996, pp. 45 47. *

“Are You Giving Your Professionals The Direction They Need?” Nonprofit World, September/October, 1991, pp. 31 35. *

“The Effective Executive Director Takes Over,” Nonprofit World, May June, 1991, pp. 29 32. *

“Custom Design Your New Exec’s Orientation Program,” Nonprofit World, March April, 1991, pp. 31 33. *

“Nonprofit Boards Would Profit with Marketers Aboard,” Marketing News, April 29, 1991, p.6. Reprinted in: Goodwill Forum, September 1991, pp. 25 & 27.

“When Worst Comes to Worst: Terminating the Executive Director,” Nonprofit World, November- December 1990, pp. 31 33. *

“Nonprofit Boards: They’re Going Corporate,” Nonprofit World, November/December, 1986, pp. 20 23 & 36.

“Changing Expectations for Third Sector Executives,” Human Resource Management, fall, 1980, pp. 8-15.

“Policy vs. Paper Clips, how using the corporate model makes a nonprofit more efficient and effective,” third edition, Create Space, 2011.
“The High-Performance Nonprofit – A Management Guide for Boards & Executives,” Milwaukee, Wisc. Families International, 1992. * (Used Copies Available via the Internet)

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