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Nonprofit Directors & Trustees – Are they adequately personally protected?

There isn’t a nonprofit director or trustee who wants to be personally financially liable for his or her association with a nonprofit director led or trustee led organization.  Those persons currently holding one or more of these positions, or is considering one, should be able to answer the following questions (more…)

Are Three Standing Nonprofit Board Commmittes Enough?

Are Three Standing Nonprofit Board Committee Enough?

By: Eugene Fram

Nonprofit boards are often known for the proliferation of board standing committees. Current thinking is to reduce the number substantially.   Following is one model, with only three standing committees which has been used by thousands of nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. Ad hoc committees are used when needed for investigation of policy decisions and other major issues such as changes in pension plans.

  1. Executive Committee –  It consists of the CEO, corporate officers and an at-large member elected by the board.  The committee acts for the board between meetings, subject to later board ratification; sets the meeting agendas, reviews reports for board discussion; and appoints all standing committees and ad hoc committees.
  2. (more…)