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Updated Bibliography for 2013 & Seasons Greetings to my 400 Followers

Eugene Fram, Professor Emeritus

Saunders College of Business

Rochester Institute of Technology

Articles or Coauthored Articles Related to For-Profit & Nonprofit Governance

December 2013

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Once Again! What Does Nonprofit Board Oversight Mean?

Once Again! What Does Nonprofit Board Oversight Mean?

I have a daily (7 days a week) subscription to Google Alerts on “Nonprofit Management” and “Nonprofit Governance.” Every week, three or four nonprofit case stories surface, in these listings, related to inadequate oversight by nonprofit boards of directors.  Many of the cases result six or seven figure dollar losses to the nonprofits. Following is my personal list of what reasonable board oversight means to attempt to help nonprofit boards of directors to avoid such losses.

  • At least half the board should be able to analyze the monthly or quarterly financial statements.  Have voluntary information sessions available for those who do not have the skills. (more…)