Falling in Love With the Mission & Other Sage Advice for a First Time Nonprofit Director

Falling in Love With the Mission & Other Sage Advice for a First Time Nonprofit Director

By: Eugene Fram          Free Digital Image

Sam Smith recently entered early retirement and wants to become a director on the board of a nonprofit organization. His motive is to give back to the community where he has prospered. As a first time board member, he can look to some advice from pros in the area, from a recently published article by Stanford’s Center Social Innovation (CSI).

Following are my reactions to some of the article’s suggestions, hopefully adding important field information. My comments are based on having served on 12 nonprofit boards over several decades and my experiences as a consultant to at least a dozen additional nonprofit boards. (more…)

Executive Director: When Is It An Appropriate Title?

Executive Director: When Is It An Appropriate Title?

By Eugene Fram

An Executive Director title compared with a President/CEO title for a nonprofit’s chief operating executive is a debate that still pervades the nonprofit governance discussions. Following is a list of situations when the Executive Director tile is appropriate.

  • When the nonprofit is in a start-up stage, and the board’s management direction, advice, or micromanagement style is needed to stabilize the organization.
  • (more…)

How Does A Nonprofit CEO Decline Board Advice?

How does a president/CEO turn down advice about operations or internal structure from the board.

With difficulty.  It all depends on the type of culture that has been established by the board.  Ideally, the president/CEO should be comfortable saying, (more…)