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Anticipating Tomorrow’s Nonprofit Crises Today

Anticipating Tomorrow’s Nonprofit Crises Today

By: Eugene Fram

In the decades in which I have been a nonprofit/business board member or consultant, I fortunately have only been in the mire of a crisis situation twice.   In both cases, the board was totally unprepared to take appropriate actions to minimize the turmoil that followed.

Following some guidelines that nonprofit boards can use to plan to respond effectively to crises in the 21st century: * (more…)

Good News for Nonprofit Board Members & CEOs—


Good News for Nonprofit Board Members & CEOs—Examples For The Behvorial Sciences

By Eugene Fram

Behavioral economics, finance and marketing apparently are making significant strides in helping nonprofits to understand how to maximize their development efforts. Following are two studies that appear to have significant nonprofit interest.


Fundraising Foundations: Important Nonprofit Tools for the 21st Century?

Fundraising Foundations: Important Nonprofit Tools for the 21st Century?

By: Eugene Fram

Nonprofits for decades have established – or want to establish their own own fundraising foundations. However many have backed away from them because of the complexity involved, the potential loss of control and the feeling they have a proactive board fundraising committee. In terms of board fundraising effectiveness, a 2012 BoardSource study shows that only 24% of CEO respondents gave their boards and “A” or “B” grade for fundraising, the lowest evaluation among ten board responsibilities listed by the study. * (more…)