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Strong Culture & Leadership Critical for Nonprofit Board Strategic Success

Strong Culture & Leadership Critical for Nonprofit Board Strategic Success

By Eugene Fram

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is conducting a series of sessions focusing on board “challenges and opportunities expected in the next five to seven years.”

Following is how I perceive one of the session’s results (in bold) could apply to helping nonprofit boards focus on culture, leadership and achieve strategic success: (more…)

Designating a ‘Lead Trustee” Can Help Boards Improve Their Operations

Designating a ‘Lead Trustee’ Can Help Boards Improve Their Operations

Originally published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, June 2, 2011, p. 34

By Eugene H. Fram

Few nonprofit boards do a great job of overseeing their organizations. Both nonprofit board members and CEO’s share that concern: Asked to rank their performance with academic-style grades by the nonprofit group BoardSource, chief executives gave their boards a C+, while board members gave themselves a B. (more…)