The 21st Century Nonprofit President/CEO

The 21st Century Nonprofit President/CEO

Nonprofit presidents/CEOs in the 21st century should have much more responsibility for their organizations than do executive directors in traditional nonprofit groups. (more…)

Nonprofit CEOs & Board Directors: How Expert Is Your CFO?

Nonprofit CEOs & Board Directors:  How Expert Is Your CFO?

By: Eugene Fram

When hiring a chief financial officer (CFO), nonprofit organizations often find themselves with a major challenge, since many financial and accounting functions are identical.  To compete, the organization may need to offer higher salaries that are somewhat competitive with for-profit organizations.  Consequently, some trim the level of expertise required to fill the position. This is a dangerous move, especially if the organization is growing.  Also the current CFO, if hired five or ten years ago, may not be up to date and make a major error that will harm the organization’s reputation, leading to a board restructuring and/or firing the CEO. (more…)

Can Lead Directors Help Improve Not-For-Profit Board Performance?

International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law / vol. 14, nos. 1-2, April 2012 / p.57

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