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What Attributes Qualify a High Performing Nonprofit Board?

What Attributes Qualify a High Performing Nonprofit Board?

By: Eugene Fram

Every Board—whether for- or non-profit –creates its own organizational “stage.” True, there is an ever-revolving cast of characters and variable props. But as any artistic director will tell you, it’s the quality of the performance that can make or break the perceived value of the production.

On a parallel plane, Russell Reynolds Associates, an international executive search firm, lists six key issues that can determine the performance level of a for-profit board.
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Wanted: Nonprofit Board Candidates With Passion

Wanted: Nonprofit Board Candidates With Passion

By Eugene Fram

Dr. Richard LeBlanc of York University raised the following question to ask those seeking nonprofit board positions: “Do you have an inner passion for what the organization does and stands for (its mission, vision and values), and whom it serves?”
His very pertinent question led me to think of how nonprofits may more easily identify this style of inner passion. Following are my suggestions: (more…)