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Nonprofit Board Discourse: a Meeting of the Minds??

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Nonprofit Board Discourse: a Meeting of the Minds??

By: Eugene Fram            Free Digital Image

Several years ago, a nonprofit director complained to me that there was too little “conflict” at board meetings. Too few hands were raised to challenge or simply question the efficacy of certain important agenda items. Having participated in hundreds of nonprofit meetings, I can vehemently report that this laissez-faire response still typifies the majority of director attitudes, especially for items that deserve vigorous discussion. Why is that? And why is the term conflict perceived as an asset to an organization that is determined to move forward? Below are some answers based on my own experience in the nonprofit environment. (more…)

Management Knows All: What’s A Nonprofit Director To Do?

Management Knows All: What’s A Nonprofit Director To Do?

Your nonprofit board has a management ‘dream team” in place. The team collective has superior knowledge and in-depth understandings of internal processes and issues. Without attempting to micromanage the nonprofit, what role should a director play … assuming h/she serves on the board for a purpose.

Nonprofit boards provide critical policy compliance & financial overviews of organizational issues and actions. Regardless of the board’s overview actions and perceived excellence of management personnel, board members also must be poised and positioned to:* (more…)