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Can a 9-Year Tenure Promote Nonprofit Director Effectiveness?

Can a 9-Year Tenure Promote Nonprofit Director Effectiveness?
Milestone:This blog-post is number 200, since late 2011, for my blog-site. Like this blog-post, I have attempted to show how board practice and research from other areas might help nonprofits to achieve better mission outcomes and impacts. In other posts, I have attempted commented on traditional issues, such as is the board or CEO primarily responsible for fundraising? That blog-post went viral on the Internet abut 10 days ago and continues to go viral today. Thanks to all who added their insights and experiences to my comments.

By: Eugene Fram

Having served on two nonprofit boards for a period of ten consecutive years, I was interested to read a current study of the optimal tenure for business board directors. The business study found that a director’s effectiveness peaked at nine years, after which it falls off.* If a parallel study were to be run with nonprofits, what conclusions might be drawn given that the usual nonprofit board tenure is two three-year terms? What, if any, might be the impact on nonprofits by extending directors’ term of office? Although there are differences in their missions, nonprofit and for-profit boards should be able learn from each other., (more…)