Nonprofit board networking

Board Member Networking Pays Off for Nonprofits

Board Member Networking Pays Off for Nonprofits

By Eugene Fram    Free Digital Image

Over decades of nonprofit board membership and consulting, I have rarely observed volunteer board members effectively networking with their peers to develop best board practices. Also rarely do I see them accompany management to regional or national conferences related to the nonprofit’s mission. These types of exposures are necessary to have groups of board members capable of making generative suggestions.

For directors who are willing and able to network, I suggest the following: * (more…)

Nonprofit Boards: Using Core Business Principles Yield Good Entrepreneurial Results?

Nonprofit Boards: Using Core Business Principles Yield Good Entrepreneurial Results?

By: Eugene Fram

Every few years a business change appears that is presented as a quick fix to make business organizations highly productive. These have included process re-engineering, total quality management and matrix management, all without long-term success in either the for-profit or nonprofit sectors. However, entrepreneurship, which some directors may see as “the trendy fix of the month,” needs to be given serious consideration. (more…)