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A Nonprofit Board’s Most Important Job!

Many people believe as I do that a nonprofit board’s job is to find the best possible person to act as CEO of the organization, then stand back and let that person manage. If your board is in agreement, here are guidelines for action:

Topics Covered
* Recruit Widely
* Understand the Partnership
* A Nonprofit Board Has an Overview Responsibility
* Organization and CEO Measurement
* Nobody Does His/Her Job Perfectly
* The Board and CEO Must Partner on Fundraising

Target More Specific Skills in Nonprofit Board Recruitment Plans

Target More Specific Skills in Nonprofit Board Recruitment Plans

By: Eugene Fram

When the nominating committee sits down each year to fill vacant or termed-out board slots, their challenge is to identify the “right” directors for the organization. Typically, the group will work with a grid to define the types of skills they deem valuable to the board composition. While this kind of generic search (e.g. marketing, financial, human resource,) is adequate in many cases, the committee would do well to narrow the probe with an approach more focused on a candidate’s specific experience and skills. (more…)