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Failure in Nonprofit Succession Management – What to Avoid

Failure in Nonprofit Succession Management – What to Avoid

By Eugene Fram in its October, 11, 2012 issue carries an op-ed item by Nathan Bennett and Stephen Miles titled, “Is your Board About to Pick the Wrong CEO.” Although targeted to for-profit boards, all of the five items listed can be applied to nonprofit boards. Following are my applications to nonprofit boards.

1. Is There Interpersonal Conflict on the nonprofit board? If there is a high level of interpersonal board discord, the board is setting up the new executive director for failure, no matter how strong the e executive’s background or talents. The same can be said if the staff is “at war” with the board. No matter who the board chooses, the new person is tainted as the board’s change agent, not a collegial leader. (more…)