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Two Nonprofits Merge: Synergy or Collision Course?

Two Nonprofits Merge: Synergy or Collision Course?

By: Eugene Fram

Having led a merger committee that resulted in a successful merger with another nonprofit, I thought my field observations might be of interest to others contemplating a merger. These comments center on a merger of two equal partners, which plan to form a new organization, not the acquisition of one nonprofit by another.

Assuming both organizations have merger committees that meet frequently, over an extended time period, the following initial issues need to be reviewed: (more…)

Nonprofit Organization Mergers: What to Do.

Nonprofit Organization Mergers: What to Do.

By Eugene Fram

A Fast Company article by Alice Korngold about nonprofit mergers lists seven steps for a successful nonprofit merger. * Korngold used these steps to describe nonprofit merger activity with which she had been involved.

In October 1998, Family Service America (FSA) merged with the National Associations of Homes and Services to Children (NAHSC) to form the Alliance for Children & Families. I chaired the FSA investigating committee in the merger process and later served as co-chair of the Alliance board during a two-year transition period. This article adds another experience example to the model described by Alice Korngold. (more…)