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How Do Nonprofit Boards Keep Stakeholders Engaged?


How Do Nonprofit Boards Keep Stakeholders Engaged?

By: Eugene Fram                       Free Digital Photo

First, exactly who are the “stakeholders” in the nonprofit environment? Most directors would readily define the term as clients, staff and board members. But what about other participants such as external auditors and significant vendors? Surely a nonprofit that depends on a vendor to supply groceries can be hobbled if the food is not delivered properly. And, last but not least, the backbone of the organization — the volunteers! Many cogs in the wheel make the nonprofit world go around and need consistent and careful attention. Following are some guidelines for engaging all types of stakeholders:


The Real Story of Nonprofit Partnerships — Listening is Believing!

When the board and management talk about each other outside the boardroom, their remarks are often good indicators of the quality of their working partnership. After many years of viewing both sides of the fence via consulting assignments and board chair positions, I have observed verbal behaviors that clearly reveal how the two groups view each other. These attitudes, which I regard as critical to the nature of the board/management relationship, also can be a keystone to mission success. (more…)