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Can Nonprofits Boards Build Peer-To-Peer Relationships?

Can Nonprofits Boards Build Peer-To-Peer Relationships?

By: Eugene H. Fram

There have not been any nonprofit authoritarian-visionary leaders like Apple’s Steve Jobs. Successful nonprofits are built by developing peer-to-peer relationships between the board and management, with the latter group representing operational leadership of the staff.

But building peer-to-peer relationships continue to be an Achilles heel for nonprofits for the following reasons.

Internally Boards Have
• Agendas that tend to be packed with operational reports and items.
• A continual parade of new board members entering the board scene to meet rotation requirements.
• Responsibilities that are secondary to directors’ primary vocations interests.
• Officers who are constantly changing. Many volunteer presidents and board chairs only have one-year terms.
• Many directors who live time-compressed lifestyles, and may face significant challenges in fulfilling their board obligations. (more…)