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Absenteeism at Nonprofit Board Meetings On the Rise? Technology Can Help!

Absenteeism at Nonprofit Board Meetings On the Rise? Technology Can Help

By: Eugene Fram

Dear Fellow Board Members: as you know, we have had to cancel recent board meetings due to a lack of quorum. It is imperative that we take certain annual administrative actions that require a duly called meeting and quorum of our board. To date we have been unable to do so due to our lack of attendance….

Twenty-four directors recently received this note from the organization’s volunteer president at the end of June. His sense of frustration was obvious. Lack of a quorum had precluded action on a number of important issues. And although no meetings are scheduled during the summer months, the president felt impelled to call one to take care of unresolved business.

From my experiences with a variety of nonprofits, this single case is indicative of continuing problems. What are the expectations of board attendance at these meetings? And why should it matter when directors have poor attendance records? Finally, what can be done to get a majority of the directors to the boardroom for what is usually no more than nine two-hour sessions a year? How can technology best assist? (more…)