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Nonprofit Boards Prepare – The Millennial Workforce Is Coming!!

Nonprofit Boards Prepare – The Millennial Workforce Is Coming!!

By: Eugene Fram

In January, I presented a well-viewed post on the potential impact on the nonprofit board if a new CEO is a millennial – born roughly between 1980 and 2000. ( This current post broadens the discussion. Unlike for-profit directors, nonprofit directors are more likely to have contact with millennial staff personnel on task forces and on special projects. (The staff organizationally can be only several levels below the board in nonprofits.)

There is no question that the nonprofit workforce mirrors or exceeds the national workforce in percentages of millennials — expected to be 50% in 2020 and 75% in 2025. Their values center on finding meaningful work, being respected/praised for their accomplishments and having a flexible work environment. Although these working requirements and values, at first, will puzzle older board cohorts, millennials’ dedication to the mission will be outstanding. But nonprofit directors and the public will have to adjust their views because a new generation’s working styles will require changes. (more…)