When Should Nonprofits Consider Making A Transformative Change?

When Should Nonprofits Consider Making A Transformative Change?

There is no “quick fix” to some nonprofit problems. A new hire, a board retreat, another task force—all good nonprofit “fixers”—are simply not equal to major challenges that call for transformative change. The evidence of more than one of the following signals suggest the necessity for different and possibly radical action:

• Lack of progress stemming from director micromanagement
• Mission creep or irrelevance of original mission
• Poor morale on board, staff and/or management
• Inadequate outcomes
• Struggle to compete with other similar organizations
• Divisive internal conflict
• Continuing financial and/or client deficits

Over the years I have seen nonprofits bravely taking on transformative change to keep their organizations alive and healthy. In every case, the process has been slow, frustrating and yes, messy! But the rewards have been significant. Here are a few “real world” examples that come to mind: (more…)