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Business Board Experts Offer Nonprofit Board Gems!!

Business Board Experts Offer Nonprofit Board Gems!!

By: Eugene Fram                                  Free Digital Image

The wise person learns from his/h own experiences. The wiser person learns from the experiences of others

The CEO Forum published an article covering the governance views of five business board members, known for their wisdom and vision.   Following are some of topics in the article that relate to nonprofit boards. * (more…)

Changing Nonprofit Board Structures: The Place of Process Directors

Changing Nonprofit Board Structures:  The Place of Process Directors

By: Eugene Fram

When changing, or even just modifying, a nonprofit’s board structure, the typical nonprofit board will be divided into several groups on the issue: 1) directors who want change, 2) directors opposed to change, some strongly opposed and 3) what I call process directors.

Process directors like to sit back and examine issues. (more…)