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Nonprofit board term limits – How long should directors serve?

Nonprofit board term limits – How long should directors serve?

By Eugene Fram

I am currently a director of a five person condo board responsible for reserve and operating assets of well over $1million and capital assets probably worth over $25 million. When the condo group was formed over 15 years ago, the bylaws stipulated that each director can only serve for one two year term, but couldn’t be reelected until after a period of one year off the board. 

The logic of this arrangement was that every year either two or three new board members must be replaced. (more…)


To Whom Should Advisory Boards Provide Service?

 By: Eugene Fram

 I have established or served on a number of nonprofit advisory boards. Based on these experiences, I suggest that board members, along with the CEO (more…)

Limits on President/CEO’s Fiscal Discretion

Do boards set a dollar limit on the president/CEO’s fiscal discretion?

The chief executive should have  complete discretion as long as he or she works within the budget and budgetary  guidelines.  However, if any major changes are needed, the board must approve them.  For example, (more…)