Policy vs.Paper Clips – Third Edition.

January 30, 2011

Nonprofit Governance Pioneer Publishes 3rd Edition

Dr. Eugene Fram is a pioneer in the nonprofit governance arena.  Before John Carver or the folks at Board Source or pretty much any of the folks thinking and writing about nonprofit board governance, there was the illustrious Eugene Fram.

So, I’m anxiously awaiting the 3rd edition of Policy vs. Paperclips and sight unseen I am willing to say that this gem will be packed, like it predecessor editions, with wisdom well worth the consideration of Execs and Board members.

One caution: Policy vs. Paperclips III is about how to best implement the Corporate model of governance.  You should know I generally believe that this model is not perfect for every board, particularly those in their earliest stages of development (infancy and juvenile and some of those in their adolescence stage).  I also worry, particularly as John Carver promotes the model, that getting and keeping board members fully passionate and engaged can be more challenging with the Corporate Governance model. 

That said, many of the concepts Dr. Fram offers for the Corporate Governance model can still be applied to other governance choices.  This book is due in March 2011.  You can get it on Amazon (probably even pre-order).  And, I plan to conduct a proper review when I get my copy.

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