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How Often Should a Nonprofit Audit Committee Meet?

How Often Should a Nonprofit Audit Committee Meet?

By Eugene Fram

            Under “usual” conditions, the audit committee should meet at least twice  a year, once just before the annual audit to understand how the audit is going to be conducted and then after the auditor’s management  letter has been received.  If other major issues arise, such as a major change in the organizations pension plan, more meetings will be required with outside counsel ,  experts  in  the area being discussed. 

Part of each meeting with the external auditors is held in executive session.  This is one of the few times that management is excluded  from a meeting.  Some boards, in recent years, however, devote some part of most meetings to an executive session.   (more…)

Policy vs.Paper Clips – Third Edition.

January 30, 2011

Nonprofit Governance Pioneer Publishes 3rd Edition

Dr. Eugene Fram is a pioneer in the nonprofit governance arena.  Before John Carver or the folks at Board Source or pretty much any of the folks thinking and writing about nonprofit board governance, there was the illustrious Eugene Fram.

So, I’m anxiously awaiting the 3rd edition of Policy vs. Paperclips and sight unseen I am willing to say (more…)