Once Again! Should a Nonprofit CEO Be a Voting Member of the Board of Directors?

The question continues to be debated, and the need for comment and opinion seems insatiable.



    1. Thanks. Welcome to the minority of this issue. You may be interested in these articles and links, if you haven’t already seen them.

      Blog site http://bit.ly/yfRZpz Book: http://amzn.to/eu7nQl

      http://bit.ly/OvF4ri http://bit.ly/13Dsd3v

      The nonprofit governance model in the book is based on: building trust between the board and management, eliminating redundant board committees; eliminating board micromanagement; focusing the board on policy & strategy and having a robust board evaluation focused on outcomes and impacts, not processes. It has been adopted or adopted by thousands of nonprofit boards.

      Many ways book can be used: Adopt or adapt the model; Reference source for board issues; Training tool board development; Motivational tool for director engagement; Reference to understand board governance & compliance obligations.

      BTW: My partner on the 2011 third edition is a professional writer, so the book has a story line with all of my years of practical NFP experiences and consulting intertwined with the story line. Not a dull governance text!!! Can sample on the Amazon link.


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