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Some Nonprofit Directors Never Attend Meetings! What to do?

These absent directors can offer valuable support, and the other directors want more involvement, not their resignation. One approach is to consider moving from a board format requiring director operational involvement to one that focuses (more…)

Nonprofit CEO Board Chair Relationships – Anything Works

Nonprofit CEO Board Chair Relationships –Anything Works!!

A recent NPQ Nonprofit Newswire (March 13th 2012), report concludes, that to build good nonprofit CEO-board chair relationships, “Task lists and job descriptions often propose a “one size fits all” recipe for the CEO-Board chair relationship, (but the lists have little to do with real world effectiveness.)” (more…)

Once Again! Should a Nonprofit CEO Be a Voting Member of the Board of Directors?

Once Again! Should a Nonprofit CEO Be a Voting Member of the Board of Directors?

I was surprised to read in a Board Source nonprofit report that this board of directors’ question is one of the most frequently asked. From a Google search, I was also surprised to find that, outside of a few vague references that there may be legal issues involved with the decision, (more…)

Executive Director: When Is It An Appropriate Title?

Executive Director: When Is It An Appropriate Title?

By Eugene Fram

An Executive Director title compared with a President/CEO title for a nonprofit’s chief operating executive is a debate that still pervades the nonprofit governance discussions. Following is a list of situations when the Executive Director tile is appropriate.

  • When the nonprofit is in a start-up stage, and the board’s management direction, advice, or micromanagement style is needed to stabilize the organization.
  • (more…)


To Whom Should Advisory Boards Provide Service?

 By: Eugene Fram

 I have established or served on a number of nonprofit advisory boards. Based on these experiences, I suggest that board members, along with the CEO (more…)


Should All Board Members Be Required to be Involved With Fund-Raising?

By Eugene Fram

No, just those (more…)

How Does A Nonprofit CEO Decline Board Advice?

How does a president/CEO turn down advice about operations or internal structure from the board.

With difficulty.  It all depends on the type of culture that has been established by the board.  Ideally, the president/CEO should be comfortable saying, (more…)